what's on the easel

  These pieces are a work in progress and may change substantially over time and new pieces will arrive. Check back in to see as the paintings evolve and change.

This is a collaborative piece between myself and a photographer friend, Miriam Rieck.  She took the image and after being printed on canvas, I am enhancing with painting, drawing, and collage.

This piece is being created as a mixed media piece but with a more realistic depiction of the subject matter. Paint is the primary medium but I'm also using gold leaf, collage, and stenciling on portions of the piece.  The working title is "She Listens to Her Heart"

I am painting my very first real bluebonnet painting since moving to Texas.  This piece is an iconic scene of the Texas landscape.  I have resisited up until now but am enjoying the process.  It is being created in acrylic, oils, with hints of pastels and charcoal.

joy of the moment.jpg
prickly spring.jpg